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A Bit of Background

The Canadian Friends of John Muir invite you to join them as they discover, explore and analyse new information about John Muir's formative period in Canada 1864-1866.

The site of the Trout Hollow Mill where he lived and worked has been verified by archeologists. Hitherto unpublished letters to Harriet Trout from Muir have surfaced. The original recollections of Peter Trout, who lived with Muir have been given to the Canadian Friends of John Muir (CFJM). All have added to our knowlege about an undocumented period in Muir's life.Using Muir's herbarium we have been able to fill in some gaps in his Ontario sojourn.

It turns out that, possibly this was one of the more significant periods in his life, a period of self discovery and awareness of man in Nature.

Come to Meaford, Ontario, Canada and with a bit of notice we will be happy to show you around this relatively unknown corner of Muir's world.

Contact canada@johnmuir.org

The CFJM web site places Muir in an historical context of a growing community where he saw clear cutting, forest fires, and poverty set against the serene world of Trout Hollow, the wild arbour vitae swamps where he found his beloved "Calypso", and the awaking of a spirit of true friendship in a community that encouraged inquiry and exploration. The time in Canada was important to the evolution of Muir's notions about Man, Nature and The Creator.

We hope you learn something about Muir and his ethic by exploring this site.

The Canadian Friends of John Muir

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything 
else in the universe - John Muir